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Rwanda Safari Destinations And Activities That Combine Well With a Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari – Rwanda safari News

Almost every tourists on an Africa safari is interested in Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris because it is the most sought Africa wildlife safari activity done by the many.

However, it is not satisfying to only do a gorilla safari Rwanda to trek gorillas (enjoy Rwanda gorilla tours) and not visit the famous Nyungwe National Park Rwanda for either a chimpanzee trekking safari Rwanda or a Nyungwe canopy walk safari.

Tucked away in the middle of tea Plantations, Nyungwe Forest is the and oldest biggest mountain rain forest on the African continent with an area between 1600 and 2000 sq. meters.

Nyungwe Forest is a renown Rwanda chimpanzee trekking safari destination, several other primates, variety of birds and home to East Africa’s only Canopy Walkway.

This is an amazing adventure carried out in the pristine rain-forest canopy where visitors take a thrilling walk in the centuries old treetops as well as birds & wildlife that habits in this Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Though relatively famous, combine your gorilla safari Rwanda with a Akagera National Park.  Akagera National Park Rwanda is impressively beautiful and can really offer a great day, overnight, or weekend on your Rwanda safari holiday or Rwanda trip. Akagera park has a lovely landscape that changes quite drastically as you ascend from the north to south. The relatively warm and low-lying plains of Akagera comprises of different types of vegetation including; savannah, woodland, wetland and a dozen lakes.

The Adventurous Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park situated in south western part of Rwanda. The park is about 255km from Rwanda’s capital Kigali with a drive time of about 5 hours’ to get there.

Nyungwe Forest National park has an outstanding diversity of wildlife suitable for Rwanda wildlife safaris for example 13 species of primates, more than 300 species of birds, 85 mammals, over 1000 plant species, 32 amphibian and 38 reptile species.

Many of the species in the park are endemic to the Albertine Rift region within which the forest lies.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the reasons why Rwanda has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Nyungwe Forest National Park is not only a place for relaxation but also a place for enjoying Rwanda adventure safaris.

This canopy walk safari activity is the most preferred activity done in the park by visitors on safaris in Rwanda.

Visit Rwanda and try out this activity before you die. This adventurous activity was opened in Rwanda in 2010 and it’s the only one of its kind in east Africa and the third on the African continent.

This 2.4km long canopy walk way that gives tourists unique face to face meetings with the chimpanzees, butterflies, birds and the monkeys.

Gorilla tracking in NyungweThe canopy walk offers magnificent views across Nyungwe’s misty forest, the wonderful aerial view of trees and sighting a number of unique wildlife inhabiting the canopies as well as sights of the fantastic birds that fly across as you enjoy the walk.

This bridge is suspended between huge trees with its lowest level above the forest floor. A walk up high in the forest fills tourists with freshness due to the cool air.

This canopy walk activity takes close to 2 hours from the starting point ending at Nyungwe National park headquarters at the Uwinka tourist reception center.

The prominent sightings here include; the monkeys, including the blue monkeys, L’hoest monkeys, black and white colobus, the red-tailed monkeys and the birds. The minimum age for this walk is 6 years and the kids must be escorted by the adults.

The cost of this activity is $60 per person paid to the reception center. More so, the activity is present throughout the whole year.

The chances of rain failing are high so, remember to carry a rain coat. The hiking shoes are also vital and both of these can be rented from the reception center. The walking sticks are provided free of charge. About the difficulty, this hike is so easy and takes only 2 hours to complete it.

  • Starting time of the canopy walk

8:00am /10:00am, 7 :00pm or 3:00pm

What You Should Carry For The Canopy Walk.

1 liter of drinking water

The hiking boots

The rain Jacket


Small back pack bag

The walking stick

Camera batteries

Akagera National Park Wildlife Safari Rwanda

The rolling hills offer amazing views from the top and a very nice backdrop if you’re in the valleys. Akagera National Park is situated along the border of Tanzania at a relatively low altitude that is creatively carved with a maze of swamps that flow into the Akagera River.

Visitors interested in an Africa safari in Rwanda should note that Akagera National Park combines well with Nyungwe National Park Rwanda for the best chimpanzee trekking experience in Rwanda and the best canopy walk and Volcanoes National Park Rwanda where you will enjoy a gorilla trekking safari Rwanda.

When combined in your Africa wildlife safari itinerary, the experience offers a great safari holiday and the best ultimate safari memories.

Akagera National Park is home to many wild game species including elephant, buffalo, topi, zebra, waterbuck, roan antelope and eland.

Other antelope is duiker, oribi, klipspringer, bushbuck, bohor reedbuck, and impalas as well as species restricted to the papyrus swamps such as the Sitatunga and the sought-after Shoebill Stork.

As part of your adventure, you will also encounter primates such as olive baboons, vervets and the secretive blue monkey are seen during the day, with bush babies often seen on night drives.

Of the larger predators, you are bound to see leopard, hyena, side-striped jackal and lion, which was re-introduced last year are present.

Plans are also underway for the reintroduction of the black rhino too, and this will restore Akagera’s ‘Big 5’ status.

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