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Cultural Encounter In Rwanda

The people of the area are as diverse, with many examples of song, dance, music, cuisine, handicrafts and other artisan skills that make for a fascinating complement to the nature side of trip to this part of Africa. Cultural activities are also available around the forest; with your choice of the Banda Community Village, Cyamundongo Cultural troupe, Friends of Nyungwe, Kitabi Cultural village and the Nkombo Cultural troupe all close by.

Uwinka interpretation center-

Uwinka is new modern Interpretation Centre which gives tourists the chance to experience the park before stepping into the forest. It is an interactive learning Centre with exciting facts and images dedicated to the National Park and the surrounding communities.


Umuyove Trail:

Trail head is at the Uwinka Overlook center. This is the ‘pink’ trail in the Uwinka trail system. Mostly through forest and sparse understory. Excellent for most AR endemics including Dusky Crimsonwing & Purple
Breasted Sunbird, Turacos, Hornbills and large mixed feeding flocks were quite common along this trail.

Karamba Trail:

Trail head is 3 km from Gisakura and at a slightly lower elevation (1930 masl). Secondary and open habitat. Excellent birding all along this trail, good for many AR endemics and also other great birds such as African Broadbill, Many colored Bushshrike Whitebellied Robin Chat etc.
Grassland at the start is good for Ruwenzori Nightjar.

Kamiranzovu Trail:

Trail head is 6 km east of Uwinka ad it descends steeply through dense forest to the Kamiranzovu marsh (13 sq. km, 1940 masl). Then ascends through primary forest back to the main road (2140 masl) .The slopes are good for Grauer’s Warbler, Neuman’s Short tailed Warbler and typical forest interior species. The marsh is good for Grauer’s Rush Warbler and Red chested Flufftail.

Rukuzi Trail:

Trail head is about 1 km east of Uwinka close to a bus stand.
We entered the trail from its eastern end close to the Pindura road turnoff (where we found a super-troupe of 300+ Angola Colobus) Used for organized Chimpanzee treks.
Secondary habitat along the trail. Valley along the trail is good for Lagden’s Bushshrike but we dipped. Dwarf Honeyg uide was a highlight.

Bigugu Trail:

Trail head is 4 km east of Uwinka. Excellent for most AR endemics including Redcollared Babbler. Open vegetation in the valleys to the side of the trail is good for Doherty’s Bush shrike. Starts with a steep climb (10% of trail) from 2200 masl, then levels out (40% of trail), then a steep climb again (50% of trail) to Mount Bigugu at 2950 masl.