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Game Drive In Akagera National Park

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In terms of game viewing, it would not be appropriate to compare it to the other East African savanna ecosystems. Political conflicts together with poaching have greatly reduced wildlife populations. However, Akagera National Park is still worth visiting. During the game drive along a well-designed network of tracks, there are plenty of animals one can see including elephants, buffalo, zebra, bush baby, hippos, crocodiles and many other mammal species. On rare occasions, one can see species such as leopard, lion and black rhino. As one of the most scenic savanna in East Africa, the game drive in Akagera provides an opportunity to see gentle hills blending in beautifully with lowland swamps and water bodies.
Night drive finally, a sunset departure for a guided night drive adventure is an ideal way to end your day and the best option.The game viewing circuit is limited to a single main road that runs northwards starting at the park’s headquarters found at Lake Ihema. The road passes majority of the lakes here, or it can be approached by a short fork. Just North of Lake-Hago, this road separates into two major forks, with one heading west to the verdant Mutumba hills. However the potential for game drives is limited by the reason that this park can only be accessed close to Lake Ihema or at the Game Lodge.
You can drive from the park entrance to the far north up to the Mutumba Hills and even return in just a half day’s drive. To journey further north necessitates the best time of a day, with an alternative of using the exit-only-route which is north of the impressive Lake Rwanyakizinga rising to the main tarmac road to the Ugandan border. However the tracks in the extreme north are quite vague, and must only be attempted in the company of a safari guide. Return to the main road, and your guide may be dropped at Kabarondo or at Kayonza junctions and from there he can head back to the headquarters with enough money by motorbike.

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