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Wildlife in Akagera National Park


Wildlife as a Safari Attraction in Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera national park is big game national park and over the past few recent years, the park has experienced an increase in the animal life species and the recent survey results estimated the Akagera Park to housing a total of 8,000 large animals’ species. The wild game on an Akagera national park includes mainly the uncommon plains species such as the Impala and Topi well known as tsessebe in Southern Africa ,the park also contains the eland species, oribi, as well as the Masai giraffe, bushbuck ,Defassa waterbuck, reedbuck, sable, antelope. The commonly seen species include the Burchall’s zebra, hippo and the crocodiles. Tourist can also find the species of the buffalo with in the areas of the park.
The new perimeter fence that was completed in late 2013 was introduced to help protect the wild life from crossing to neighbor communities around the park. There are ongoing plans to reintroduce lions, Rhinos in the park so that the park becomes habitat for all the big five animal species .Currently due to lack of many predators in the park, wild life is now days relaxed and hence making them to be easily watched.

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