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Is The Road Trip To Kigali Worth The Time Spent On The Road?

9 Days Rwanda Safari Tour

Part II

On crossing into Rwanda,

After crossing from Uganda into Rwanda from our previous article, there we were almost having our destiny in our hands which we had for so long been waiting for.

We headed for the immigration office post and to our shock majorly because many of us were first time cross border travellers, we found the immigration process here is more of a close scrutiny search, one filled with suspicion rather than curiosity as the immigration officer there asked a lot of questions as to why we wanted to enter Rwanda.

When it was yours truly’s turn to get to the stand and face off with the officer, her paranoia levels blew out through the roof as I seemed nervous and fumbled with my answers and I guess had it not been for the help of my work colleagues, my eagerly anticipated journey to Kigali could have easily ended prematurely at this point of the journey.

With sheer luck, she stumped into my passport which really had my nerves kind of return to normal as my anxiety levels had skyrocketed into the deep space during a few minutes back as I went through her interrogation.

Passing through this intense interrogation, really got our excitement levels really down as we really didn’t know what was in store for us when we got Kigali for our Kigali city tour.

So many questions ran through our minds, we were going to be subjected to this close scrutiny everywhere we were to go?

Would every local enforcement agent be looking out for us? These questions really left us puzzled not knowing what to expect when got there.

On embarking on our ride to Kigali we quickly had to change lanes as drivers in Rwanda keep right unlike Uganda where we keep left in case you’re to undertake on a Uganda safari road trip into any of the Uganda wildlife safari destinations.

The change of lanes also caused a bit of confusion to us thank God it someone else driving because on sight of a car approaching bypassing ours from the front, in my head my heart would always get jagged because in my mind I would always think that we are on the wrong side of the road as I am used to Uganda’s keep left rule

The Beautiful Land of a Thousand Hills

Have you heard of the saying, Rwanda the land of a thousand hills?

Indeed Rwanda is a land of thousand hills as on crossing into the Rwanda we were greeted by the numerous rolling hills of Rwanda many of which are blanketed with Eucalyptus trees which shows that these hills are slowly being weathered down although the full impact of this can only be seen after a several thousands of years passing by.

What you won’t miss on this fantastic safari Rwanda road trip while crossing in Rwanda is the proper use of the small arable land that is available for agriculture as you will see several table farms of a variety of food and cash crops such as rice, cabbages, tea and sugarcane.

While in Rwanda on this Rwanda safari tour, you will realize a sharp contrast in the way of a mode of transport used because in Rwanda to those in Uganda.

if you’re in Uganda on your Kampala city tour or even a road transfer to the countryside for your safari in Uganda, you are likely to use a taxi and by this I mean a 14 sitter van loaded with people and goods but in Rwanda, its quite different as the major mode of transport are minibuses that carry about 40 people with 28 people seated and the rest standing.

The journey to Kigali took us about 2-hours since Rwanda’s speed limit is about 60km per hour. On arrival at Kigali, we were amazed by the city’s organization and the level of cleanliness maintained in the city something which sharply contrasts with my city Kampala.

Have you ever had a chance to see how a presidential suite looks like in a 5-star hotel?

Wait for my final part of this my Rwanda safari tour experience as I take you through my visit to Rwanda’s crème de la crème hotels.

Since Rwanda is a an Africa gorilla safari destination of choice to many Africa safarigoers, its prudent for you to choose a local tour operator in Rwanda to help you organize an epic gorilla trekking Rwanda and Prime Safaris is one of the Rwanda safari companies that have numerous Rwanda gorilla tour packages to Volcanoes National Park, chimpanzees safaris to Nyungwe Forest National Park and Rwanda wildlife safaris packages to Rwanda’s Akagera National Park. Here are some of the best selling Rwanda safari packages

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