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1 Day Kampala City Tour Uganda, Kampala Tour Excursion Trip

1 Day Kampala City Tour – Overview

The 1 day Kampala City tour is a Kampala tour excursion trip to explore Uganda’s Capital City Kampala. Kampala City is an astounding tour destination perfectly situated in the heart of Uganda the pearl of Africa.

Despite the fact that the city is not as developed as other world-developed cities, the city’s infrastructure is developing at a fast rate and it promises to become one of the best cities in the land of Africa.

In order to have a full ultimate experience of Uganda safaris, tourist needs to reserve a day to tour Kampala a major pre-colonial and colonial city that has a very strong historical alignment to all hospitable Ugandans.

One-day Kampala tour offers visitors on Uganda safaris a chance to visit the various tourist attractions with in the city center and the nearby surrounding areas.

The remarkable built-up attractions you can enjoy while on your one-day Kampala tour include cultural sites like Kabaka`s (king`s) Buganda palace, Kasubi tombs which is the Buganda king`s burial site in Uganda, Kabaka`s lake which is the largest man-made lake in Africa, Uganda National Museum, Religious sites such as Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, Rubaga Cathedral, Namirembe Cathedral, Gadhafi National Mosque, the Baha’i temple, Kibuli Mosque, traditional educational institutions like Makerere University (Ivory tower of Africa), Parliament of Uganda plus the central business area.

1 Day Kampala City Tour – Detailed Highlights

1 Day Kampala City TourImmediately after your early morning breakfast, you will be picked up from your respective lodge /hotel where you spent the previous night and embark on your cheap but highly rewarding Kampala tour in.

Traverse through the heavy traffic jam which characterizes Kampala’s main routes and forms an aspect of the city being an African city that never sleeps.

Visit religious places like Gadafi National Mosque located in Old Kampala hill and enjoy the wonderful architectural design of the Uganda supreme mosque council, stand on the hill to have a panoramic view of different places in Kampala city, tour the Fort Lugard building, proceed to Kabaka’s Palace, Parliament located in Bulange Mengo and when in this place tour the torture chambers inside which Idi Amin used to anyone perceived a political threat.

You will also have a chance to enter the Bulange – a parliament which is a respected place where the Kabaka and his right Honorable ministers have since old days sat to discuss critical issues affecting the Buganda Kingdom.

The interesting to visitors on this site is the stunning views of the architectural design of this building which remains picturesque to both local and international visitors.

After having a wonderful time in the Kabaka’s palace visitors will continue to the Kabaka`s Lake which the largest man-made lake in the whole of the African continent dug by Kabaka Mwanga here guide will explain the motive or reason why the Kabaka made the lake, visitors can also enjoy the sights of different birds rotating in the banks and waters of the royal lake.

After this site, visitors can get on their vehicles to drive to the nearby Rubaga Cathedral and Namirembe Cathedral then from there continue to the wonderful, respected place Kasubi Tombs which is the burial ground for the Buganda Kings and also, it’s considered to be the UN heritage site.

Your Kampala tour will lead you to Makerere University (Ivory Tower of Africa) which is also one the most prestigious multinational Universities in Africa from here visitors will be driven to Uganda Museum where visitors can view different historical instruments, and historical background of Uganda, enjoy photo taking in the museum after which tourists will be taken to the Baha’i Temple which is strategically located in the Kikaya hill which is overlooking Kampala city.

The temple has a green beautiful environment with some green trees and nice flowers. The temple is the only one in the whole of the African Continent.

1 Day Kampala City TourOne day Kampala tour also takes visitors to Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine which is a memorial place from where 22 Catholic young martyrs were officially burnt to ashes after rebelling against Kabaka Mwanga when he ordered them to stop worshiping the missionary preached God of heaven but in vain.

Every 3rd June the Catholic Church and their counterpart of Anglican Namugongo shrine.

After exploring this memorial site, visitors will be driven back to Kampala city Center where they will have their lunch in any of the city hotels of their choice after lunch, they will embark on an afternoon tour to the Central Business area to enjoy the views of shopping malls, banks, star hotels, as well as visiting the famous Owino Market which is the largest second-hand clothing market in Africa and touring the Taxi-park which is hub for public transport with various mini-buses, also walk to the Nakasero food and vegetable market. After all these sites are explored, visitors will be driven back to the hotel where the trip started for an overnight and this will mark the end of your 1 day Kampala city tour.

End of The 1 Day Kampala City Tour