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A Rwanda Safari to Rwanda’s Tropical Paradise Nyugwe Forest National Park-Rwanda Safari News

  It is a public secret that Rwanda is the beautiful home of mountain gorillas, given the fact that Rwanda is home to close 200 gorillas that are found in Rwanda’s Virunga ranges, Rwanda has positioned itself as the destination of choice for a stunning gorilla experience.

Amazingly Rwanda has more to offer to you on top of your spectacular Rwanda gorilla safari experience in Volcanoes National Park.

Rwanda is home to the shy golden monkeys that are in Nyungwe Forest National Park and when you finish engaging in a Rwanda gorilla trekking safari, its advisable to crown up to the Rwanda experience with a visit to this untamed tropical forest of Rwanda.

Let’s Have A Preview Of Nyungwe Forest.

Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda is sandwiched between 2 very important watersheds of river Congo on its western boundary and that of river Nile at its eastern boundary hence making this forest national park a paradise for a wide range of wildlife biodiversity.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is therefore crucial to the survival of this wildlife bio-diversity and this explains why the Rwandan government has made sure that Nyungwe forest is one of the best-preserved forests of any of the Albertine rift montane forests.

Nyungwe’s conservation journey

Conservation in Nyungwe forest national park began in 1903 when the German colonial government declared this forest a reserve.

Between 1958-1973, conservation efforts in Nyungwe forest suffered a major blow or setback when a big part of the forest was gutted by wildfires which reduced its total land area by a mind-blowing 150sqkm of land.

To make matters worse poachers wiped out an entire species of forest buffaloes in this forest by 1974. During the Rwandan genocide of 1994 tourist and research facilities that had been set up in Uwinka were destroyed during those turbulent times.

All this destruction is the past as of now because Nyungwe forest has experienced better days from then up until today in which period Nyungwe forest has experienced efforts to restore the destroyed research and tourist facilities within the forest and in 2004, Nyungwe forest was gazetted as a national park in 20004 spanning a distance of about 1020sqkm of land traversing various vegetation types such as the tropical rain forests, bamboo forests, grasslands, swamps and bogs. All these lie at an altitude between 1600-3000m above sea level.

Weather Conditions in Nyungwe Forest National Park

For anyone planning a Rwanda safari to Nyungwe Forest National Park, you must be aware of the prevailing weather conditions at the time of your travel so that you prepare yourself according to the existing weather conditions, although this shouldn’t really be a bother because Rwanda generally experiences mild weather throughout the year given the fact that it’s under Africa’s equatorial tropical belt.

Nyungwe Forest Park also conforms to this notion as it experiences an equatorial tropical climate with an average temperature ranges of 20-260C, minimum temperature range is 15-17OC and maximum temperature range is 22-28oC.

It receives an average amount of rainfall of 60 mm or 2.4iches every month. The annual rainfall amount received in this forest ranges between 1400-2200mm or 55-80 inches throughout the year with most of it received in two periods of double maximum between February- May and between September – December. The humidity levels range between 77-88% every day.

What to See In Nyugwe National Park

When you visit Nyungwe forest national park, expect to encounter a wide variety of wildlife as this forest park is home to 85 mammal species, 32 amphibians, 38 reptiles, 275 bird species, about 1000 plant species and 13 primate species like the common chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, vervet monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey, L’hoest monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, dent’s mona monkeys, silver monkeys, Hamlyn’s monkeys and Angola colobus monkeys. Nyungwe forest park isn’t the only place where you can find these amazing mammals but also in the neighbouring country of Uganda located north of Rwanda.

If you decide to make a Uganda safari, visit Kibale National Park for a thrilling Uganda chimpanzee trekking expedition as Kibale forest is home to over 5000 chimps which are waiting for you on your Uganda tour to this primate capital of the world.

You can also do a safari Uganda Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and meet several of the golden monkeys as well as mountain gorillas which are found in this forest hence making a Uganda gorilla safari possible here possible which isn’t possible in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

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