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Restrictions On Mountain Gorilla Tracking You Should Know

rwanda gorilla tracking safaris

Mountain Gorillas are a critically endangered species that can only be trekked in the wild in Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. But where is the best place to track them?

It is in Uganda. The Gorilla Trekking permit in Uganda is $600, and this does not include the transportation, accommodation, and food.

This might sound a little expensive, but this is a lot cheaper compared to Rwanda Gorilla Tracking permit that is more than double the price at $1,500. Another reason is that the population of the Mountain Gorillas is bigger on the Uganda side.

On a Uganda Safari, you will only encounter these critically endangered Gorillas in two gazetted areas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park.

And for that matter, conservation efforts are taken seriously, and there are a number of restrictions to effect this cause. Here are a few you should know of before embarking on your Gorilla Safari tour;

rwanda gorilla tracking safaris

  • Only a maximum of 8 visitors are permitted to go on a trek, so it’s convenient to book your permit way ahead of time– this is to protect both the Mountain Gorillas and the visitors. Mountain Gorillas are shy primates, but once they feel threatened, they are likely to attack just protect their own. This reduces behavioral disturbance to the Gorillas and the risk of being exposed to human-borne diseases.
  • Only a maximum of 10 groups are allowed per day– for the same reason stated above. And this to preserve their habitat. These bushy and mountainous forests are their only home and it is very vulnerable. Once their habitat is tampered with, these Mountain Gorillas will have nowhere else to live and will phase out.
  • The maximum time the visitors can spend with a Gorillas family is one hour– however, if the Gorillas become unsettled or nervous, the guide is likely to call off the visit early.
  • If you are feeling ill or having a contagious disease, you will be required to volunteer to stay behind. But there is a possibility of being arranged an alternative visit, or you will be refunded – and all this is because Gorillas are highly susceptible to human diseases, so this is to minimize the risk of spreading any diseases from humans to these gorillas.
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