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The 25km Lonyiri Nature Walk in Kidepo National Park Uganda

The 25km Lonyiri Nature Walk in Kidepo National Park Uganda

Safari Uganda to Kidepo Valley National Park for the best wildlife safari experience in Uganda. Kidepo Valley National Park has over 77 mammal species with about 28 endemics to this park including the fastest land animal-the cheetah which can only be found in this park, Bat-eared fox, carcal and klipspringer.

Other wild animals you can encounter in the park include the lions, Elephants, Zebras and probably Africa’s largest single herd of Buffalo.

The park is home to over 475 bird species including the ostrich which is endemic to the park. The silver bird and small bands of yellow-billed birds are frequent on the thorn trees of the open wilderness, the Vinaceous Dove, Hoopoe, Nubian wood pecker, Ruppels and superb starling are some of the sky beauties of this vast open wilderness. The park is great for Uganda wildlife safaris as well as birding safaris in Uganda.

Benefits of The New Lonyiri Nature Walks in Kidepo Valley National Park

Besides doing game drives in the park, birding during your Uganda birding safari, searching for insects and different plant species with their unique names, Kidepo Valley National Park introduced the Lonyiri 25km nature walk inside the park giving tourists to indulge in nature.

As part of your adventure, you will walk through an untamed environment that exposes you to nature comprising of a good number of birds, animals, plants, insects. Besides seeing wildlife, nature walks reduce stress and boost wellbeing according to psychologists.

Mr Zacharia Lokwee, a tourist guide said the main idea of introducing the Lonyiri nature walk is to capture the imagination and creativity of tourists by giving them a particular pursuit when involved in a nature walk.

He added that “The Lonyiri 25km nature walks might be pleasantly shock many to discover you have opened up a whole new world to a tourist and they will often continue with their new-found pursuit long after the initial nature walk is over. These nature walks in Kidepo bring a lot of fun and discovery into my life,”

He revealed that walking provides a significant benefit because it helps to relieve stress and long-distance walking like that of Lonyiri boosts endorphins, the feel-good hormones that improve your mood and lower stress and mild depression.

Spectacular landscapes and great buffalo herds, with sprawling savannah and soaring mountains, make Kidepo valley National Park the most picturesque park in Africa.

Kidepo Valley National Park has a very impressive bird list of over 470 species, the second-highest population of any Ugandan reserve, following only Queen Elizabeth National Park and that most of these reside in Lonyiri.

The only way you can watch birds is to go Lonyiri nature walk. So visitors can easily see more species out there and with 56 species recorded, Kidepo is especially good for spotting raptors. Migratory birds are present from November to April,” said Mr Lokwee.

The Tourism warden at Kidepo National Park Mr Stephen Nyadru says when you begin the nature walk in Kidepo; it is like an exploration because it proves to offer the best as far as ornithological trips are concerned.

The southern Narus Valley, is a great spot to start your nature walk and birding experience. This park actually supports some of the rarest species in Uganda, such as Black-breasted Barbet and Karamoja Apalis, only found in Kidepo Valley National Park.

You will also see the attractive silver bird and small bands of Yellow-billed Shrike, frequent the thorn trees in the wilderness as you do a number of other widespread species such as the Vinaceous Dove, Hoopoe, Nubian Woodpecker, Mosque Swallow, the Ruppell’s and Superb Starlings, Scarlet-chested Sunbird, Little Weaver and Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu.

As you move towards Akonya rock facing Narus you are chanced to see Baboons, White painted sooty, Stone partridge, Boron cistcolk, Clapperton frankolin [Endemic] bird only found in Kidepo valley national park. You will also see the wild pigs, Mountain Bushbucks, Dark and white coloured monkey, Tatalas monkeys, Virroux eagles, Taccaze sunbird, Marina tragon.

The Conservation area manager Mr Johnson Masereka says at Konyiri nature walk, they have resting places, which provide tourists with viewpoints for the entire Kidepo valley national park. Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions. Baboons and Cheetahs, Clapperton’s, African Moustached and the Broad-tailed Warblers, Marsh Tchagra and Crimson-rumped Waxbill may be seen in the rank grass along the trail.

Walking long distances or hiking helps you have a better health.

A group of psychologists from Stanford University found out that wild environments boost well-being by reducing obsessive, negative thoughts.

Getting outside and experiencing nature is a wonderful activity but you can take this experience to another level by turning it into an active experience by taking a nature walk.

The Lonyiri 25km walk gives you a feel of nature that doesn’t separate you from animals of Kidepo Valley National park now Lonyiri trail nature walks of about 25Km, away from the busy park to enjoy a quiet walk in this vast shrub land.

The Lonyiri nature walk is blended with microscopes that enable one to see animals at distant places.

The Lonyiri nature walk in Kidepo valley national park will bring you in touch with Napusmur summit in eight hours, depending on the time the hike starts.

But a two-day nature walk could also be organized with shorter guided walks taken through the Narus valley extending to over 10km up to Akonya Rock.

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