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What To Pack For Your Gorilla Safari Rwanda – Rwanda safari News

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Are you getting ready for your Africa safari? Does your safari itinerary include a gorilla trekking safari Rwanda? If YES! We are here to guide you about your Gorilla trekking safaris Rwanda. After securing your gorilla trekking permit through a tour operator like Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd, the next thing you should think about is what you will pack for your Rwanda gorilla trekking safari. We have put up a list of the few essential things you may need for your safari.


Gloves will help you during your trekking in the forest as you may be required to hold onto branches or other types of vegetation as you climb. Some of the branches are thorny and you will need to protect your hands.

Rain Jacket

Since gorillas live in the tropical rain forest, expect it to rain any time of the day, month and year. This is why it is important that you carry a rain coat just as you come for your Rwanda safari.

Hiking Boots

Rwanda is referred to as the “Land of a thousand hills” and Rwanda has mountain gorillas meaning they live in mountainous areas.

These gorillas can only be seen in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda where they keep roaming on the slopes of the volcanoes as they look for food and shelter on a daily.

Therefore, pack hiking boots since because you may need to hike a little high to reach the gorillas making hiking boots necessary.

Long Sleeved Shirts/Blouse/

On this day, you may be required to put on long sleeved clothes to protect your skin from getting scratches, it also protects you from the forest insects as well as flies. Make sure you pack dull colors as gorillas are irritated by the bright colors.


Trekking gorillas in Rwanda takes about 2-8 hours so you are required to carry some snacks that will energize you on your trek more so if you have not carried you packed lunch with you.

Cameras and extra batteries

Make use of you time with the gorillas, therefore have your camera ready and miss no shot. Take as many pictures as possible.

Pair of Binoculars

There are a lot of things you are bound to see on you trek including a number of birds. Therefore, carry your binoculars to ensure that you miss nothing.

Hat and Sun Glasses

It may be very hot on the day of your trekking, so sometimes you may require to carry a hat and glasses to protect yourself from the sun.

We can tailor your gorilla safari Rwanda to feature a Uganda wildlife safari, Kenya wildlife safari or a Tanzania wildlife safari.

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